From farmhouse to fabulous with Indah Island

Toodyay is a small town on the Avon River in the wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 85 kilometres north-east of Perth. Recently, it was also the location for the popular Channel 9 TV show, Ready Set Reno. In this particular episode, a 6th generation farmhouse on 70 acres of land was given a new lease of life by the team – with some very dramatic results

The renovation was led by interior designer Natalee Bowen, who transformed this humble abode into a palatial, Hamptons-style estate. Luxaflex window coverings also played a key role in this transformation. Here's how:

Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings

Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings in Bedroom featured in the Indah Island project.

While Toodyay has a relatively moderate climate, this farmhouse is situated in the midst of 70 acres, and is therefore quite exposed to the elements. As such, it required window coverings that would protect the home's interior, and help keep the home comfortable all year round.

For this reason, Natalee chose Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings to feature in the games room, living room, hallway, master bedroom and ensuite.

"What's great about Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings is how versatile they are. They can be opened for a full view, adjusted for a soft-focus view or closed for complete privacy," she says.

"They also retract neatly into their fabric covered headrail for when I want to raise the shades completely off the window to open the doors or offer an unobstructed view of outside."

In the living and games room, where the windows are hard to reach, Natalee opted for PowerView Motorisation. "This innovative technology allows me to easily control my blinds all with the touch of a button or via my iPad or iPhone," she says.

Importantly, Pirouette Shadings offer a very soft and sophisticated look that is in keeping with the bright, luxurious style of the new farmhouse.

"The way Pirouette Shadings provide the appearance of a soft shutter is also great, as they help to enhance the Hamptons look and feel. From the outside they also seamlessly blend with the PolySatin Shutters I have installed in the other areas of my home - creating a uniform exterior finish," says Natalee.

Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters

Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters as featured in the Indah Island Project

Natalee also chose Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters to feature in several rooms throughout the home, including in the kitchen, laundry, office, scullery, loft, bathroom, front veranda and the remaining bedrooms.

"The white PolySatin Shutters blended seamlessly into the Hamptons style of the home," says Natalee.

Made from an advanced polyresin compound, PolySatin Shutters are impervious to moisture and are guaranteed not to blister, fade, warp or peel, even when exposed to sun and moisture. This made them an obvious choice for the kitchen and laundry windows. They are also completely cord free which makes them the perfect window covering solution for households with children and pets.

"Ink, crayon and other staining agents do not hold to the smooth surface of PolySatin Shutters and in most cases soap and water is all it takes to remove blemishes. They're really easy to maintain," Natalee points out.

"Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters are also custom made-to-measure here in Australia, by people who understand the Australian climate. This also means a much shorter lead time than the imported alternatives which generally take months to be ready," she adds.

Plus, of course, Luxaflex Shutters are also backed by a 20-year warranty which is essential in embarking on a project of this scale.

Luxaflex Canopy Awning

Over the doorway that leads to the courtyard, Natalee opted for a Luxaflex Canopy Awning in navy, which she felt would add some traditional charm and sophistication to the exterior – as well as provide protection from the elements.

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The products in this home were proudly installed by Luxaflex Window Fashions Gallery Sunmaster Midland.

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